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See how we’ve connected businesses with industry experts in over 7 million specialist subject areas

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Of the experts we source have never consulted before, giving you access to fresh perspectives and new voices in market research.

How our unique approach helped OMass Therapeutics overcome key business challenges

Find out how Techspert cut down OMass Therapeutics' admin time by 15 minutes per expert engagement, enabling them to make better key business decisions.

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Catenion uses Techspert to validate R&D strategies, saving up to two working days per project

Find out how Catenion leveraged insights and gained valuable time back from manual desk research to implement winning strategies for their end clients.

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Unearthing molecular modelling insights in Japan, the US and the EU5

Discover how Techspert's AI uncovered experts across three continents to support a global strategy consultancy's molecular modelling market research project.

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Market access experts accelerate entry into Europe's neurological drugs market

Discover how a healthcare consultancy used insights gained from experts sourced by Techspert to help their end client launch their neurological drugs portfolio in Europe.

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Physician insights validate asset management firm’s investment decision

Find out how an asset management firm leveraged insights gained from physicians to better understand a potential drug investment and inform their next move. 

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Real-world expertise inform go-to-market strategy ​

Find out how a professional services firm conducting market research on behalf of a pharmaceutical company used expert engagements to develop a go-to-market strategy.

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Ovarian cancer research sheds light on the challenging emotional patient journey

Find out how a consultancy used primary market research to generate recommendations on how to improve the ovarian cancer patient journey.

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AI enables Putnam to expand client's portfolio across Africa and Southeast Asia

Find out how Techspert connected Putnam Associates with infectious disease specialists, enabling them to successfully expand their client's anti-infective portfolio into new markets. 

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How Techspert uncovered new opportunities in a crowded marketplace through finding new voices in market research

Discover how Techspert delivered unique experts and precise insights across a series of quant and qual projects, helping identify profitable new business opportunities and strengthening understandings of a complex market.

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