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Small Molecule Research Triumph across EU5 and the US

Find out how Techspert enabled their customer to better service their clients and enhance their value proposition in a niche service area, via strategically targeted interviews


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The challenge

In the complex domain of small molecule analysis, our client was not just seeking expertise in developing and scaling up manufacturing processes for small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). The real challenge was to deeply understand the market landscape from the perspective of professionals in this field.

Their goal was to align their go-to-market strategy with the actual challenges and needs of those working in small molecule analysis and manufacturing.

The Approach

Techspert rose to this unique challenge by leveraging its advanced AI technology to connect the client with experts in small molecule analysis and ensure these connections were strategic and insightful. We focused on finding specialists who were not only versed in Chromatographic Techniques, Mass Spectrometry, and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance but also had a profound understanding of the market dynamics and customer challenges in this sector.

The Outcome

Techspert connected the customer with 9 experts strategically positioned across key geographies – the United States and the EU5. Each expert brought dual expertise – deep technical knowledge and a first-hand understanding of the customer landscape in small molecule APIs. This enabled our customers to gain nuanced insights into the challenges faced by professionals in this field, thereby refining their go-to-market strategy to be more customer-centric and aligned with real-world needs.

Strategic Impact

These discussions were pivotal in shaping our client's business direction. By understanding the challenges and needs of their potential customers, our clients were able to tailor their services and solutions more effectively. This alignment with the market enhanced their value proposition and positioned them as a company deeply in tune with the needs of those they serve in the small molecule sector.

Notable Achievements:


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