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Ambit Inc x Techspert: A Strategic Approach To Primary Market Research

Ambit Inc leveraged Techspert's innovative solutions to not only streamline their expert engagement and project management processes but also to secure a competitive edge in their field. Explore the tangible impacts of this partnership on AMBIT's operational efficiency, expert recruitment accuracy, and overall project success.



10 hours of project admin saved per week, per engagement manager


94% of all shortlisted experts accepted across projects


Over 400 experts connected over 13 geographies


Time-Saving Portal

Techspert's portal has revolutionized the way organizations like Ambit Inc manage their expert engagements and project scheduling, blending efficiency with user-friendly features. Daniel Yaqub, Consultant, attests to the portal's transformative impact on project administration, emphasizing its role in simplifying the comparison of expert profiles. "The portal is absolutely a time saver… I really like being able to compare profiles," he remarks, highlighting the direct benefits of streamlined operations and informed decision-making.

Similarly, Richard Kommers, a Senior Consultant at Ambit Inc, underscores the platform's utility in improving project management workflows. He points out “The portal is very handy in getting your screener answers and picking experts." reinforcing the portal's contribution to increasing recruitment efficiency and improving the overall user experience in project execution.

The integration of Techspert's robust platform has led to significant advancements in Ambit Inc's project management processes, facilitating a more efficient approach to expert selection. This has not only saved valuable time and resources but also instilled a deeper level of confidence in project outcomes, thanks to the platform's reliability and effectiveness. Allie Kolberg-Edelbrock, an Engagement Manager says "I spend ~10 less hours per week on coordinating the research logistics, which is time I can dedicate to the other more pressing needs of my clients", opening up 25% of capacity for engagement manager-level employees to spend on more pressing strategic and client needs.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

The partnership between Techspert and Ambit Inc has been pivotal in fostering talent development and enriching communication, providing a supportive backdrop that benefits both junior and senior consultants. Allie speaks to the nurturing environment that allows for the growth and integration of junior consultants into complex projects, "I appreciate how Techspert is always friendly, patient, and organized in our interactions which makes me comfortable even having less seasoned junior consultants work with you. I have reassurance that you guys have it covered - your customer service is just that good." This level of support from Techspert emphasizes a commitment to excellence and customer success.

Simultaneously, the provision of consistent and personalized service has been particularly valued by consultants like Daniel, who highlights the benefits of streamlined communication and relationship management through Techspert's approach. "I really like that Techspert has a dedicated team and point person," highlighting the ease and efficiency that a dedicated support structure brings to project execution and expert engagement.

This unified approach to support, combining personalized service with opportunities for talent development, demonstrates Techspert's holistic commitment to elevating the capabilities and satisfaction of its partners, ensuring a seamless and productive collaboration across all levels of consultancy.

Reliable Expert Recruitment

The ability to engage high-quality experts has been a game-changer for Ambit Inc, marrying precision in the recruitment process with the reliability of expert sourcing. Allie highlights the transformative nature of this partnership, "The very first project I had with you, we needed 130 stakeholders to interview, and we could rely on Techspert to fill that quota, pretty quickly too.” This capacity not only allows Ambit Inc to gather in-depth insights but also positions Techspert as their preferred research partner.

Echoing this sentiment, Richard points out the trust engendered by Techspert's accurate project feasibilities. "You don't overestimate," he says, ensuring that Ambit Inc can approach each project with confidence and know that the desired outcomes are within reach thanks to Techspert's dependable expert recruitment. This blend of precision and reliability underscores  Techspert's contribution to elevating the strategic impact of Ambit Inc's research findings, establishing a partnership rooted in mutual trust and outstanding service.

The strategic partnership between Ambit Inc and Techspert has not only streamlined Ambit Inc's research process but has also provided them with a competitive edge in the market. Through Techspert’s innovative technology and customer-centric approach, Ambit Inc has been able to optimize its research activities to achieve a higher level of insight and operational efficiency.

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