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Introducing Omnisearch: reconnect with your favorite experts

We’ve upgraded our project portal with new features to make re-engaging with experts and re-using insights easier than ever. 

One of the biggest challenges we hear about from our customers is how time-consuming it can be to manage a large primary research project, complete with the endless email chains, complicated spreadsheets and scheduling conflicts. That’s why we developed our project portal with one goal in mind - to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible.  

Our custom-built portal allows you to view and approve expert profiles, schedule engagements and download call recordings, transcripts and screeners – all in one place. And thanks to the feedback you send our way, we’re able to constantly innovate and develop new features so you can get the most out of our platform.  

In fact, we’re delighted to be able to showcase our newest feature – Omnisearch! 

What is Omnisearch?

Many of our customers have told us time and again they wanted a feature that allowed them to search through historical projects and re-engage with experts they’ve previously worked with – and Omnisearch allows you to do just that! 

Remember a specific expert or project but don’t recall all the details? No problem – with Omnisearch, you can also search by expertise or even geography to track down the knowledge you need. 

What can I use Omnisearch for?

You can use Omnisearch to share expert profiles amongst your team, confident that they’re already verified and have the valuable insights your colleagues are looking for. If you’re working on a new project and need to quickly find experts who might be a fit, Omnisearch can be used to hand-pick those experts from your very own knowledge network and schedule engagements with them at your convenience. 

In short, Omnisearch means you’ll only ever be a few clicks away from unparalleled access to your organisation’s bank of knowledge. You can even go back and access materials from old projects, such as call recordings, screeners and transcripts, and re-use past insights for new projects.  

Plus, each time you or your organisation partners with us on a project, you’ll be enriching your own network of experts and resources for your whole organisation to benefit from in future. 

Existing features

If you’ve never used our project portal before or are unfamiliar with how it works, it already has a range of great features that enable you to: 

  • Save time by instantly reviewing and accepting expert profiles 
  • Schedule calls and engagements 
  • Download recordings, transcripts and screeners 
  • View your current project status and upcoming connections 

Be sure to log in to our project portal and give Omnisearch a go – we'd love to hear what you think. And if you haven't worked with us before, get in touch! 

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