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How to harness the power of healthcare digital opinion leaders to fuel your primary market research

Are healthcare digital opinion leaders the new key opinion leaders? In our latest webinar we speak with two industry experts to find out how influential healthcare professionals are changing the world of healthcare engagement.

Digital opinion leaders (DOLs) are driving change in the world of healthcare engagement by increasingly using online platforms to build their professional profile, network with other industry specialists, influence decision-makers through campaigning and advocacy on key issues, and more. 

To explore this growing online movementwe held a webinar with two leading healthcare industry experts - Chandana Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer at HealthXL and Jennifer Joe, Founder and CEO of Vanguard.Health. 

Hosted by Graham Mills, Techspert co-founder and Managing Director,  our guests discuss the impact DOLs are having on primary market research, why companies are engaging with DOLs and how you can leverage their insights to achieve tangible results for your next project.  

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About our Guests and Host 

Chandana Fitzgerald Chandana is a medical doctor who has spearheaded global collaborations in digital health and medicine as the Chief Medical Officer at HealthXL, a community intelligence platform for healthcare and digital health. Her work, research and educational experience spans across European, American and Asian markets and she has engaged extensively in leadership positions in the digital health space to bring innovations that bridge gaps in healthcare. 
Jennifer Joe Jennifer Joe, MD, is a Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) nephrology graduate turned physician, entrepreneur, and Founder and CEO of Vanguard.Health, a full-service healthcare experience firm driving the healthcare digital transformation through collaboration and innovation. Among the many hats she wears, Jennifer is also a DOL, having amassed over 70,000 followers on LinkedIn and over 6,000 on Twitter. 
Graham Mills Graham is Co-Founder and Managing Director at, the AI technology innovator connecting businesses with experts for industry insights, where he leads the company's commercial functions and international expansion strategy. A scientist by training, Graham completed his PhD in pancreatic cancer chemoresistance at the University of Cambridge and started Techspert with David Holden-White, recognizing the power precision-matched insights can have in driving innovation globally. 


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