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Vivien de Tusch-Lec appointed Non-Executive Director at Techspert to accelerate the expert network’s scaling








Techspert, the AI-powered expert network specializing in connecting businesses directly to subject matter experts for domain-specific insights, announced today that Vivien de Tusch-Lec has joined their board as a Non-Executive Director. 

For the past decade, the expert network industry has been dominated by traditional human search methods and closed-looped databases of experts. Breaking from the hegemony of outdated network models, Techspert has developed an AI-driven solution to identify subject matter experts and improve the speed and accuracy of knowledge exchange between the leading global sources of expertise and the business community.

To continue its path of disrupting the industry, the AI innovators have appointed tech entrepreneur and investor, Vivien de Tusch-Lec, as a Non-Executive Director. With 15 years experience in managing technology start-ups and scale-ups, complemented with eight years experience helping to drive growth at global expert network Gerson Lehrman Group’s (GLG) European business, Vivien’s background and expertise will be instrumental in helping continue Techspert’s rapid growth.


A photo of Vivien de Tusch-Lec

Vivien de Tusch-Lec newly appointed Non-Executive Director at


“I’m delighted to join the board. Expert networks are an incredibly valuable input into decision-making for businesses of all types,” said Vivien. 

“I was really impressed by Techspert’s AI-driven approach which brings efficiency and increased accuracy to expert networks. This has massive potential, combined with a very strong team that includes two super ambitious and driven founders,” she added.

With a board that already includes serial entrepreneur Zack Feather, who founded and skyrocketed Asclepius Global to a £60m+ turnover in seven years, and Carles Ferrer Roqueta, an experienced venture capitalist who has managed and exited various VC funds over the past 20 years, Vivien is the perfect addition. Her track record in business development, scaling and managing teams, product launches, creating robust partnerships, accelerating project delivery, and identifying and nurturing investment opportunities has resulted in some notable successes.

Including, helping GLG EMEA grow from £8m to £50m+ revenue and to 150 employees, launching a parent wellbeing digital platform and increasing it to 150,000 users within 18 months, bringing it to profitability and working with large brands including Ocado, Foxtons, and investing in a start-up at early seed stage which grew to £11m annual recurring revenue in its first year.

“It’s wonderful to have Vivien on board. Her range of experience, especially her achievement of rapid expansion in the expert network industry, is invaluable,” commented David Holden-White, Techspert Co-Founder and Managing Director.

“Her insight and involvement in strategic decisions will play a pivotal role in our mission to transform the knowledge exchange space,” he added.


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Associate Director of Marketing

About Techspert

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Techspert is the first AI-driven solution for improving the speed and accuracy of knowledge exchange between the leading global sources of expertise and the business community.

Its deep search technology unlocks the expertise needed to get the biggest business decisions right, analyzing billions of global online data points to pinpoint the most qualified and relevant expert on a given subject or domain, no matter how niche.

Backed by investors such as Cambridge Angels and Nauta Capital, Techspert is used globally by companies across the health, life sciences, finance and investment, legal, and marketing sectors to quickly and accurately locate the experts that other networks and platforms simply can’t find.

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