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Techspert awarded £100,000 AWS credits by Machine Intelligence Garage

Techspert – an AI-driven expert network connecting businesses with precision-matched expert insight to help them make more informed decisions – is the latest organization to join Digital Catapult’s Machine Intelligence Garage, an initiative designed to help businesses specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. As a member of the programme, the company has been awarded a grant of £100,000 Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits.

Tech team

Members of the Techspert tech team

Leveraging the power of machine learning, Techspert has developed an AI-driven technology to search trillions of publicly available online data points to understand the world’s knowledge, employing this to identify and qualify the world’s leading experts for any given topic. The technology then matches organizations seeking expertise with these experts who possess it. Receipt of this grant will enable them to improve the performance of their technology by increasing the speed in which these expert matches occur while delivering even greater precision. As the AI improves, Techspert can massively expand their global coverage, supporting an ever-increasing portfolio of customers with unparalleled access to insight. Being part of the Machine Intelligence Garage also unlocks collaboration opportunities and resources that'll enable Techspert’s team of machine learning engineers to continue their own development. Partners and collaborators of the programme include Google CloudGraphcore and AWS Activate

Techspert progressed through the application process and were assessed on the strength of their idea, the technical implementation, the availability of data, and the immediacy of need for computational resources. Finally, they were assessed on their ethical use of data before being announced as winners of the £100,000 AWS grant. 

“The capabilities of our technology have now far outstripped that of any other company operating in the expert network space. With millions of expert profiles already indexed, this grant enables us to even further increase the speed and quality of expert insights that we deliver to our clients. The process of generating profiles is relatively data-intensive, so the computational resources that this grant enables us to employ are extremely useful.”  – Hari Jackson, Techspert CTO


About Techspert

Techspert is an AI-driven expert network connecting organizations with precision-matched expert insight to help them make more informed decisions. They’ve developed an AI technology that trawls trillions of publicly available online data points to map the world’s expertise and deliver primary insight more precisely than traditional expert networks. 

About Machine Intelligence Garage

Machine Intelligence Garage is a programme created by Digital Catapult as part of a CAP-AI project and is part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The programme helps businesses access the computation power and expertise they need to develop and build machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. 


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