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Techspert company retreat 2022: highlights from both sides of the pond

Check out the highlights from our 2022 company retreat, held separately in Cambridge, UK and Houston, USA.

Group photographs of our US and UK teams enjoying the retreat.

Company retreats are a great way to bring colleagues together - this is especially important in a modern hybrid workplace which blends the benefits of face-to-face collaboration with flexible home working. We’ve embraced the company retreat as part of our DNA, allowing our people to take a pause, connect with colleagues and nurture our collaborative culture.

This summer we held two retreats, bringing together our UK and US teams respectively, with the main objective being to disconnect from day-to-day activities, enjoy some down time and renew our strategic focus on the year ahead. The retreats were held in two impactful locations: the historic city of Cambridge, UK and the bustling metropolis of Houston, Texas, USA.

Workshops: strategizing for the future

We started our retreat with collaborative workshops designed to get our people thinking about how we can achieve our lofty aims for the rest of this year and into the next. The workshops presented a great opportunity to collectively identify areas where we excel as a company and where we encounter pain points.

With each individual bringing their own unique perspective, we came up with creative and impactful solutions to some of our biggest challenges.

Team building: strengthening bonds across the business

Our US retreat saw Techspertians enjoying two sun-filled days in Houston with a range of activities, including proposing their ideas for a company coat of arms and battling it out to discover who was the ultimate escape room champion! Accompanied by members of our leadership team who flew over from the UK to join them, everyone had a great time cultivating new and existing relationships with each other and further cementing our collaborative and compassionate culture.

Our US team working together on a construction team building task.

Working together - the Techspert way!

Our UK retreat took place across the picturesque Fitzwilliam and Clare colleges in Cambridge with a jam-packed agenda of fun that included firing up the teams competitive nature in a human foosball tournament and testing their balance on a bucking bronco, followed by an afternoon punting on the River Cam on the second day. We’re proud to announce that, after great effort, nobody fell in the river!

Our UK team punting on the River Cam.

Having fun on the Cam!

If you want to be part of our next retreat in 2023 and you have the skills we’re looking for, we’d love to have you on board. Visit our careers page to see our latest openings and apply!

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