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Techspert continues accelerated momentum with launch into global energy and industrial markets

Techspert, the AI technology innovator connecting businesses with experts for domain-specific industry insights, announces today that it has formally launched into the global energy and industrial sectors, as it moves towards a fully industry-agnostic model.

Having seen rapid growth in the life sciences and health sectors worldwide, is now capitalizing on its powerful expert network AI technology to disrupt how domain experts are found and utilized in the fast-moving energy and industrial markets.

”We are on a mission to shake up how investors, consultancies, and corporates across the energy and industrial sectors can connect with precisely the right experts to solve the biggest challenges impacting the industry today,” said Graham Mills Techspert Managing Director & Co-Founder.

“How companies in this sector find the best experts to tackle the biggest domain issues is long overdue for change,” continued Mills. “For example, who are the leading minds in solar or bioenergy, or inventory and supply chain management and how do you engage them?”

“Our latest machine learning techniques and the advancements made to our Knowledge Graph, ensure Techspert is changing the game in connecting energy and industrials leaders with subject matter experts using the power of AI,” said David Holden-White Techspert CEO & Co-Founder.

“With access to 2.5 billion high-quality expert profiles, our Knowledge Graph allows us to accurately map the knowledge landscape across all disciplines, ensuring far higher precision and breadth of search than any of our competitors,” added Holden-White.

A subset of’s Knowledge Graph, covering subsets of energy and industrials.

A subset of Techspert’s Knowledge Graph, covering subsets of energy and industrials. The links show connections between various energy and industrials concepts, down to a very fine degree of detail. It can be used to traverse the knowledge landscape to identify and cluster specific areas of expertise.


“In the future, we look forward to expanding our offering into technology, media and telecoms, and consumer goods, so that we can address businesses' needs for insight across the entire landscape of expertise globally. Watch this space,” continued Holden-White.

Recent project work Techspert has undertaken in the energy and industrials space includes pan-European evaluation of the dynamics of the solenoid valve market, as well as a technological assessment and competitive benchmarking exercise for groups innovating around visual flame imaging.

“Some of the greatest global challenges we face are in energy and industrials. The expertise landscape across this vast space is highly technical and evolves more rapidly than traditional approaches can manage. It is therefore the natural next step for to apply the power of our technology to match the demand for insight with the right experts. This is an exciting development for us and for our customers,” said Mike Adam, Chairperson, Techspert.

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