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Physician insights validate asset management firm’s investment decision

Find out how an asset management firm leveraged insights gained from physicians to better understand a potential drug investment and inform their next move. 

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The challenge

A global financial services firm considering investing in a drug for septic shock asked Techspert to support them with their due diligence.  

They needed us to facilitate tele-depth interviews (12 participants) and quantitative online surveys (50 respondents) with US-based physicians in intensive care units, familiar with the above drug and experienced in treating septic shock.  

The solution

Unlike other expert networks who rely on static expert databases and traditional recruiting methods, our AI-powered search technology is trained to rapidly identify experts in real time with pinpoint precision. 

This ensures that we identify experts that other vendors can’t and that we connect our customers with subject matter specialists at the forefront of their fields.  

Powered by advanced machine learning techniques, our AI identified the precise intensivists the customer needed for their due diligence, ensuring they got the Insights they needed to inform their investment decision-making. 

The outcome

Following the 50 survey responses and 12 tele-depth interviews, the customer gained on the ground insights of physicians’ perception and uptake of the drug, and the treatment paradigm and potential shift in the clinical management of septic shock patients.  

These insights enabled them to make a better-informed decision on their investment.  

Some of the physicians the customer engaged with were: 

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Critical Care Anesthesiologist who's co/authored 157 academic papers on the topic of sepsis and septic shock. 

A Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist who's been heavily involved in four clinical trials in the space, one of which is on septic shock. 

Professor of Anesthesiology and Medicine who runs a leading research lab that aims to define new methods for the treatment of sepsis. 

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