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Aerospace industry leader harnesses AI-powered insights for flame detector market analysis

Find out how a leader in the aerospace product manufacturing industry used primary insights to establish market demand for flame detectors in industrial turbine engines.

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The challenge

The growing popularity and adoption rate of flame detectors in different industries, government policies, regulations and norms for workplace safety are key drivers for the flame detector market which shows no signs of cooling down. 

The market size was valued at $1.55 billion USD in 2020 and is projected to reach $2.13 billion USD by 2028. 

A leader in the aerospace product manufacturing industry was conducting market research in the space and needed to engage with relevant subject matter experts to establish market demand for flame detectors in industrial turbine engines. 

The solution

Not limited to a panel of experts, we’ve developed AI search technology that trawls through volumes of online data to find and qualify subject matter experts across a range of specialisms. 

Propelled by precision and speed, our AI enables us to connect customers with only the most relevant experts for their projects, swiftly. 

Within minutes of receiving the customer’s request, our AI went to work to identify the precise experts the customer needed to gain insights from. 

The outcome

Using the insights gleaned from the experts we connected the customer with, they were able to complete their market analysis, and develop a deeper understanding of flame detectors and annual turbine sales over the past 30 years.

Expert profile highlights included:

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Founder and General Manager of a company that provides mechanical design and chemical process consulting services for the aerospace and power generation industries.

Former Senior Project Engineer at General Electric, experienced in managing new product development projects for jet engine components.

Former technical group leader for gas turbine auxiliaries and balance of plant systems at Siemens for 13 years.

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