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Corporate decarbonization project powered by sustainability experts’ insights

Learn how a consulting firm working on a decarbonization project used primary insights gained from sustainability experts to inform the strategic recommendations they were developing for an end client. 

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The challenge

With more than 70% of the world economy committing to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, corporates all over the world are developing strategies to realize this goal. 

A management consultancy supporting their end client on a decarbonization project needed to connect with sustainability leaders from multinational companies to help inform the strategic recommendations they were developing. 

The experts needed to have global oversight of the sustainability targets and/or energy purchasing at their organization, and be experienced in the energy needs/procurement, renewable energy targets and sustainability goals in the context of multinational companies.   

The solution

Our AI enables us to custom recruit high-quality experts. Every expert search is tailored to a customer’s requirements, ensuring we connect them with precision-matched, relevant specialists.   

Not limited to a panel of experts, our AI indexes billions of online data points in real-time to create qualified expert profiles which we use to custom recruit for every project. 

Harnessing the power of our AI, we sourced the exact experts the customer needed to gain insights from for this project. 

The outcome

By engaging with the sustainability experts we sourced for them, the customer developed a greater understanding of corporate decarbonization, electricity and natural gas needs, renewable energy targets, and sustainability goals. 

This enabled them to develop strategic recommendations informed by expert insights.  

The experts our AI identified for the customer included: 

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Chief Sustainability Officer responsible for leading their organization’s global climate change efforts, with deep experience in renewable energy targets, projects, and procurement.  A global purchasing leader at multinational consumer goods corporation responsible for leading a multifunctional team developing multibillion-dollar sustainability projects on green chemistry and sustainable sourcing.   

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