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Facilitating Breakthroughs from Discovery to Distribution

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For Every Stage of Research

At Techspert, we understand the flow and development cycle of research projects. Whether early on in your project or toward the end, we can provide expert insights when you need them most.

In the discovery phase, Techspert's AI-powered search engine connects biotech and pharmaceutical companies with leading experts in any field. These experts provide valuable insights into the disease process and help identify promising molecules for drug development. Techspert's unique network of experts, many of whom have never consulted before, can provide fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

See how we support companies in this phase: 

Commercial potential
  • The presence and pricing of existing treatments.
  • Addressable market size
  • Gaps in the market; effects of existing treatments
  • Market Access
  • Gaps in treatment landscape, potential value props
  • Current patient journey and patient experience
Development strategy
  • Proof of concept and potential mechanisms of action to treat unmet needs
  • Hearing from experts right now in an evolving landscape
  • Understanding if a small or large molecule should be developed
  • Speaking experts with an understanding of potential manufacturing processes to understand the feasibility of ideas
Due diligence
  • Competitive intelligence; what’s been tried already, what’s underway, commercialized products
  • Avoiding wasting resources on ideas that have limited or no commercial potential
  • Scenario planning: worst case, best case

During the preclinical development phase, Techspert connects companies with experts who can guide them through the process of testing the safety and efficacy of new molecules. These experts provide advice on the design of preclinical studies, including the selection of appropriate animal models and the identification of relevant endpoints.

See how we support companies in this phase: 
Commercial potential
  • Via consultancies: market demand
  • Customer identification: different customer segments. Patient journeys
  • Competitor analysis (positioning)
  • Investment strategy: pricing and revenue forecasting
  • Existing prescription preferences, reimbursement preferences/setups
Development strategy
  • Optimizing how development plans are explored, the most profitable route
  • How to tweak formulations to work better or reduce the severity or incidence of side effects
  • Opportunity cost of (dis)continuing development
  • Testing application across different therapy areas
  • Target Product Profiles: intended outcomes of products in development
  • Validation of value propositions
  • Feedback on early results
  • Reactions to expectations of the product in development
Due diligence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Mitigation of potential safety risks

In the clinical development phase, Techspert assists in the design and conduct of clinical trials. By connecting companies with healthcare experts, Techspert provides guidance on the specific requirements for clinical trials, such as the size and duration of the trials, the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the endpoints that will be used to measure the efficacy of the new molecule.

See how we support companies in this phase: 

Trial design
  • Additional insight into set-up/delivery of trials or how to tweak methodologies from Phase I before proceeding
  • Shaping protocol development and study design. Determining end-points
  • Evidence required further down the line to meet regulatory standards
  • Shaping recruitment pathways to deliver trials, e.g. engaging with patient advocacy groups to enhance trial enrolment and ensure compliance with protocols
  • Connect to experts to ensure patient safety throughout the trial for any ad-hoc questions or unexpected events
Trial outcomes
  • Data review
  • Whether to proceed to the next stages, re-design, or scrap!
  • Payer feedback
  • Formatting of evidence for regulatory bodies

Techspert helps companies navigate the regulatory approval process by connecting them with experts who have experience in dealing with regulatory agencies like the FDA. These experts provide guidance on how to respond to questions from the regulatory bodies in a way that is clear and concise, increasing the chances of approval.

See how we support companies in this phase: 

Evidence compilation
  • Market-by-market submission guidance
  • Payer value; patient treatment population size & economic impacts
  • Responding to queries
  • Marketing messaging: if it both resonates and meets guidelines

During the distribution phase, Techspert bridges the gap between companies and healthcare experts, facilitating the identification of the target audience and the development of a bespoke messaging strategy. These experts contribute their knowledge to create comprehensive and informative educational materials while also crafting a specialized training program for healthcare providers on the application of the new treatment.

Moreover, these experts lend their knowledge during the launch of the treatment, providing valuable insights into market dynamics and competitive landscapes. This ensures not only a successful launch but also a sustained market performance, positioning the new treatment effectively within the healthcare sector.

See how we support companies in this phase: 

Supply chain
  • Evaluation of distribution channels
  • Efficiency of distribution partners
  • Overcoming practical challenges via advice from supply chain experts
Demand and messaging
  • Payer discussions: pricing, positioning, reimbursement
  • Marketing strategy: clinician and patient marketing ideas
  • Segmented by population
  • Educational materials: how to prescribe, when, why. Patient-friendly versions too
  • Pricing and positioning
  • Competitor analysis
  • Updated total addressable market; gaps solved; gaps that remain

After a drug has been approved, Techspert assists in the post-marketing surveillance and Phase 4 trials. Techspert connects companies with experts who can help them monitor the safety and efficacy of their drug in the real world, identify new market opportunities, and develop strategies for marketing and distribution.

See how we support companies in this phase: 

  • Value props that actually resonate
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer preferences
  • Competitor analysis
Life cycle extension
  • When products lose their patentable exclusivity:
    • protecting market share, extending product life, re-applying products to new areas, expanding into new markets,
    • manufacturing cost savings to maintain share
    • Feedback on any product labeling, branding, or packaging refreshes
    • Market penetration, going into new markets
  • Prescription preferences vs. other options; positioning
  • Shaping sales strategies and pricing post-launch
  • Patient experience, testimonials, brand image analysis
  • Long-term side effects: perceptions + solutions
Market opportunity analyses
  • BD teams: comparing existing product portfolio vs. potential new opportunities to acquire from other firms
  • For R&D teams: existing gaps in the treatment landscape, whether or not to work on an old formulation that was paused earlier in the production cycle
  • Evolving market trends
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"In comparison to other vendors, they are more responsive, the process is streamlined (I love the portal for viewing new recruits), they are easy to work with, source more reliable experts, and provide excellent experts in difficult markets."

Max Bogorad
Strategy Director
Life Sciences Consultant
Putnam Associates

Techspert cut OMass Therapeutics' admin time by 15 minutes per expert engagement, enabling them to make faster and more informed business decisions.

You source great respondents in niche areas of expertise. Some of the insights we have gathered have helped us decide whether to advance with a program or not, which is so important to us.

Miguel Silva,
Strategy Director
OMass Therapeutics

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