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Webinar - Unlocking the Power of Key Opinion Leaders: Strategies for Driving Growth and Innovation in Healthcare

Let's deep-dive into how expertise can power growth, from sourcing (internally & externally) to measuring the impact of insight, all with real-life examples and discussion. 

Two guest speakers include:

  1. Sarah Swain - Head of Marketing & Growth - myTomorrows
  2. Maud Ménard - Product Marketing Manager - myTomorrows

Access your on-demand recording of the webinar now! 

1 in 3

Of the subject matter experts we source are unique to Techspert


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We’ve found that more traditional market research vendors aren’t always able to source true experts, and expert panel providers don’t always have the expertise that we’re looking for. Techspert finds the niche healthcare subject matter experts we need, giving us fresh perspectives and an edge on our competitors.”

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