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Navigating Market Complexity: A Proteomics Case Study
Discover how quantitative insights uncover new revenue opportunities in a crowded



The challenge

In the fiercely competitive proteomics market, a leading diagnostics company faced the challenge of differentiating its protein detection technologies. The task was to refine their marketing strategy based on comprehensive insights from a diverse pool of voices—academic researchers, CROs, and industry experts scattered across the US, Europe, and APAC regions. The company needed to understand the nuanced applications of proteomics technologies to tailor their offerings effectively.

The Solution

Techspert's innovative approach employed a custom recruiting methodology to tap into a rich pool of customer voices. By leveraging our proprietary AI search technology, we delivered a suite of quantitative projects designed to engage previously unheard insights. Our precision-matching algorithm ensured a 2x respondent completion rate compared to other providers, signifying the high relevance of the engaged voices. Furthermore, the respondents spent 21% more time on surveys, indicating fresh perspectives and less fatigue than the industry standard.

The Outcome

Our strategic intervention enabled the diagnostics company to navigate the complex proteomics landscape, revealing unforeseen risks and fresh perspectives. This process not only met their research objectives swiftly but also opened doors to new questions and business opportunities. The deep dive into the market and customer base led to a significant reorientation of the global marketing strategy. The unique insights garnered were instrumental in future product development and informed long-term brand positioning by tailoring their approach to the insights customers provided.


1/3 of respondents are unique to Techspert


Customers spend 21% (avg.) longercompleting surveys in comparison to panels


Survey completion rate 2x higher than theindustry standard

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