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How our AI search capabilities helped Lumerate fill 140% of their quota

Find out how Techspert gathered 80 complete screeners within 72 hours, giving Lumerate a variety of high-quality CXO experts.



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The challenge

This commercial project involved finding individuals from biotech companies to share expertise on Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO/ CDMO) vendor selection. Our customer needed to liaise with experts who were at executive/CXO level.

Techspert was tasked with providing more than 80 experts with completed screeners in 72 hours. Our CogniSearch technology allowed us to narrow the search down to CEOs, VPs, and Directors, and search according to the client’s terms in the expertise field and pharmaceutical.

Our dedicated Project Management team then reviewed all screeners and handpicked the strongest ones to present to Lumerate, with custom made biographies. 6 calls were then booked well before the deadline.

Streamlined profiling process: Techspert's AI-driven success

Techspert’s revolutionary AI technology meant this project could start immediately sourcing hundreds of profiles in a short amount of time.

Alongside our technology and expertise, we were able to refine this down to a select number of experts and present only the best-matched candidates available to the client. The screening process allows our customers to ensure they are bringing only the most relevant expertise forward.

We’re consistently driving to implement new technological solutions into our processes, and it’s thanks to our technology that we were able to over-deliver on this project whilst delivering top-level insights.

An exceptional outcome in expert recruitment

As a result of our search capabilities, finding experts with the knowledge and experience requirements for this project was a breeze.

Across the US, Techspert successfully presented profiles to the customer, including an expert specifically requested to be headhunted by Lumerate.

Of these profiles, 140% of the quota set by the customer was recruited.

Recruits included:


Chief Executive Officer

Massachusetts, US


Chief Medical Officer

Colorado, US


Senior Manager, Tech Development

California, US

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