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Techspert: At the Forefront of AI

Understand our journey with artificial intelligence and the pipeline for future AI product development

The world’s first AI-driven expert network solution

At Techspert, we've embarked on a transformative journey fueled by the boundless potential of Artificial Intelligence.

In a world where knowledge is power, we've harnessed the might of AI to revolutionize the way you connect with expert insights in healthcare and life sciences. We're constantly listening and learning to our customers on what they need from an expert network service, developing AI solutions to meet their every need.

From 2017 to present day, we've embraced how AI can elevate research potential to unlock unique and unparalleled insights. If you need an answer, our AI will source you the expertise and insights you need.

Here's just a few of our AI features...

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    AI-Powered Search Capabilities

    We use artificial intelligence to help you find experts you won't find anywhere else. Unlike most expert networks, we don't have a database of experts - meaning we're consistently searching to find you the most unique and relevant insights.

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    ECHO: Extracted Call Highlights and Observations

    Our call transcription AI not only saves you time minuting meetings, it also features Segment Summaries - extracting key topics and talking points. You do the talking, leave the rest with us!

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    Machine Learning

    We are on a mission to constantly adapt and improve our machine learning AI capabilities, based on customer data and experience. We don't want to just promise revolution, we want to pioneer development.

Our Journey with AI

Techspert's story is intricately woven with the transformative power of AI. We've consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to connect you with expert insights in healthcare and life sciences. Here's a glimpse of our AI evolution:

Leveraging MIL (Machine Intelligence and Learning)

From the beginning, we understood the immense potential of Machine Learning (ML). We've incorporated ML in various facets of our service, enhancing its effectiveness and accuracy. Our use of ML means our algorithm is constantly listening and learning to give our customers the best results available to them.

Structured Data Integration

This integration simplifies data handling, enabling us to extract valuable insights from expert calls more accurately and rapidly. It enhances our ability to deliver timely, well-organized information to our customers, ultimately improving their experience and streamlining their workflow.

The Knowledge Graph Advantage

Our use of a knowledge graph greatly enhanced query enrichment, making it easier for customers to find the expertise they seek. Knowledge graphs improve the accuracy and relevancy of our service, thereby ensuring customer needs are met more effectively.

Probabilistic Modelling

We employed probabilistic models to refine and optimize our processes, ensuring that our services are both accurate and efficient. As a result, our customers can rely on our solutions to deliver highly precise and swiftly executed outcomes, meeting your needs effectively.

The Era of LLMs and Generative AI

With the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI, we achieved breakthroughs in extracting more information from screeners. This advancement made our experts more searchable and improved the precision of outreach efforts. We are committed to finding you the right expert for your needs, no matter how niche.

Our unique AI solutions set us apart from the rest

Our search tech has been developed by leading Cambridge data scientists over the past 5 years, now covering 233m+ experts. And it’s getting smarter all the time.

The potential for AI in our service is vast. Our goal is to continually enhance the ease of our service, making our customers' lives easier while maintaining a strong commitment to privacy by anonymizing bios.

Techspert is not just a company; we're on a continuous journey of innovation and improvement.

Our precision is reflected in our industry-leading expert acceptance rate of 70% - double the industry average!

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