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AI Compliance Statement

At Techspert, we realize that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding AI. Regulation is still being discussed around the world, and the scope and growth of AI are unprecedented. We believe that AI has the potential to deliver our customers incredible insight, but it is not without risk. For that reason, Techspert has developed an AI policy to ensure we use AI ethically.

At Techspert, we work on the following core principles:


We will not share your confidential data with AI learning models that could put your information into the public domain. Public tools like ChatGPT, by default, take any input and ‘learn’ from it, potentially putting any information entered into it at risk of public disclosure. We ensure that the AI models we use either do not ‘learn’ or are configured with privacy in mind.


AI results are subject to historical bias and possible inaccuracies. We make you aware of this and ask that you conduct further due diligence to validate any results before making any decisions based on the data. We also provide you with a way for you to report bias or false information so we can make reasonable efforts to better train our models. You can do this by either verbally informing your contact at Techspert, or by emailing:


We are open and clear when we make use of AI to deliver results, and make you aware of the potential risks as we’ve detailed above.


We are transparent about our ethical approach to the use of AI and ensure we warn you about potential risks with the technology. We also provide ways for you to give feedback to us.


The content and results have been generated by an artificial intelligence language model. While we strive for accuracy and quality, please note that the information provided may not be entirely error-free or up-to-date. While efforts have been made to ensure the quality and reliability of the content on which the results are based, there may be limitations, inaccuracies, or biases present. We recommend independently verifying the results and consulting with professionals for specific advice or information. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the use, misuse or interpretation of the content or the results.