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Additional Services

Discover a world of services to supplement your expert interactions

Call Moderation

We can moderate your calls in English and provide you with a transcription.

Why is this important?
Our Call Moderation Services are designed to make your online gatherings more efficient, engaging, and productive with moderator briefs, debriefs, and summaries to keep you in control. Plus, we'll provide you with a transcription at the end so you don't miss any of the important details. One of the many ways Techspert is here to help you elevate your decision-making!

call transcription

Call Transcription

Transcribe your English calls for accurate accounts of interactions.

Why is this important?
By offering both Call Transcription Service and ECHO AI, we empower you to tailor your transcription experience based on the nature of your content. Whether you prioritize the human touch for nuanced contexts or the speed of AI for high-volume tasks, we've got you covered.

Materials Translation

Whether it's collateral materials or call transcriptions, we bridge the language gap for you.

Why is this important?
Communication is key in global business. Our translation services ensure that your materials resonate with your audience, no matter where they are. Plus, with translated call transcriptions, every word spoken is captured and conveyed accurately, ensuring you never miss a beat.

materials translation

Interpretation - Simultaneous & Consecutive

Navigate multilingual meetings effortlessly with our Interpretation services. Choose between simultaneous or consecutive interpretations to suit your meeting's needs.

Why is this important?
In a world where every second counts, effective communication is crucial. Our interpreters provide seamless and accurate translations in real-time, enabling smooth conversations and decision-making processes. With Techspert, language barriers have become a thing of the past, opening doors to global collaboration.


Recruitment Grids

Tailored to streamline the recruitment process, our grids ensure you connect with the right expertise.

Why is this important?
In today's competitive landscape, finding the right insight is more than just a necessity – it's a strategic advantage. Our Recruitment Grids are designed to simplify and optimize your expert sourcing process. By structuring expert information and screener responses in an easily accessible format, we empower you to make informed and swift decisions on your connections.

recruitment grids
survey programming

Survey Programming

Elevate your data collection with our expertly crafted Quantitative Surveys. Designed for precision and clarity, our surveys yield actionable insights.

Why is this important?
In the data-driven age, quality survey programming is indispensable. Our quantitative surveys are tailored to capture precise data efficiently, offering clear insights into market trends and consumer behaviors. Let Techspert transform your data collection into a strategic asset for informed decision-making from programming to results.



This prohibits Techspert from introducing an expert from other clients on a similar topic for 6 months.

Why is this important?
The experts you work with will only be available to you, and their insights can not be shared. This is important as it can give you a significant advantage in the marketplace. 



Work directly with an expert for up to 6 months.

Why is this important?
A disintermediation service puts the reins in your hands, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly with our experts for an extended period. This direct connection ensures that your goals receive the undivided attention they deserve.

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